IS NOT ART's NFT collection consists of 30 unique pieces
Each work was handmade with abstract technique and acrylic colors with high intensity.
By purchasing an NFT (follow instructions here) you will gain access to exclusive benefits:
- Redemption physical artwork
- Redemption video artwork creation
- Lifetime 30% discount on our website (including on limited editions)
- Access to exclusive collections
- Role in our community
The following benefits are available only to the person who owns the NFT
These benefits are designed to ensure potential high value from the first moment for those who purchase our NFT!
Redemption of the physical artwork and video allow you to have control over the art you are purchasing. You are not just purchasing an image, but a true work of art that has resulted in 4 unique pieces of clothing!

In fact, for each artwork, 4 garments were created in a limited edition of 10pc per model/size
The lifetime discount can be used to take advantage of the price advantage to resell the limited edition garments. Prices on our site will be locked in forever, so those who own the NFT will have at least a 30% profit margin on the resale of each garment.

We will also continue to provide manufacturing and delivery service with very fast shipping time (DHL delivery in 5 days worldwide)

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